‘Shristi’, a hindi name that literally means Universe or the entire world is my perspective on life. It’s a way of living for me in the truest sense.

After living in this world for 22 years, graduating with a mass media degree and running a production house successfully for 3 years, I realized I was living someone else’s dream. I left my company in the hands of my business partner to discover my own happily ever after.

I’ve abseiled waterfalls, slid on natural rocks, jumped and swam in the canyons of Bali. I’ve broken my back on a boat ride in Pattaya and rode a running camel in the Thar Desert. My bags have been filled by shopping in the world’s only living fort in Jaisalmer and also bargaining my way through the many souks in UAE. I’ve ridden a horse through hailstones and flown with the birds in the sky. I’ve stayed in one of the world’s biggest hotels and also lived in an Ashram in Haridwar.

My heart found its place when I camped under the stars in the cold Himalayas and partied all night in a limo in Palm Jumeirah. I’ve brought in the New Year with the locals of Hong Kong and written elaborate letters to Santa in Finland.

I’ve climbed an active volcano after midnight just to witness the sunrise from the top. I’ve sat on the world’s fastest rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi and drove a rickshaw in Allahabad. From dodging ladyboys in Thailand and making the Balinese people sing Bollywood songs, I’ve had my share of fun. I’ve drank one of the world’s most expensive coffee, bumped into peacocks on a road trip to Rajasthan and have stood in 2 countries at once on the Indian-Bhutan border. I’ve almost died riding an ATV and never felt more alive making an entire restaurant dance on the beach.

When I am not traversing boundaries and pushing myself to the point of craziness, I do what everyone calls ‘armchair travelling’.

I plan to see this world for what it is – the stories that make this world run, the beauty that this earth beholds. I wish to step on every continent and leave my mark there not in terms of a flag like the explorers first did but leave my mark on the hearts of those I meet- in their smiles, in their warm eyes and their memories because I know each one will do the same on mine.

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